3 Benefits of Cooking Your Food at Home


Look at this picture.

(rotten) Food that was delivered to me …

This picture is of the food I ordered from a restaurant close to my home. I wanted to try out a restaurant close by since I just moved here.

I WILL NOT be ordering from this place again.

The food was delivered to me rotten.

Of course, the restaurant caught an earful and more when I called them to tell them about what they sent to me (which arrived 40 minutes late might I add).

I did receive a refund, but that couldn’t undo the horror that I had when I opened the box.
I have always known it is beneficial to prepare thy food — but I guess the universe can send poignant reminders —> such as this one. Yuck!

3 Benefits of Cooking Your Food are:

Standards of cleanliness: Most people have a standard they will accept, especially when it comes to food. Standards of cleanliness will involve cleanliness level, handwashing or lack thereof, etc.

Knowing the ingredients: Knowing the ingredients and quality of the meal can give peace of mind, I mean you know you won’t be eating rotten food (unless you want to)!

Saves money: Take out food costs more than twice the amount it takes to buy and prepare yourself.
Hopefully, with the unfortunate experience I had, we all can learn a lesson that it is wise to prepare your food at home, so you get the best quality out of what you want.

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