It’s Almost 2021: Will Your New Year’s Resolution be Your New Food Revolution?


New Year’s 2021 is hours away.

And to say it has been a rough year is being kind.

Even with all the roughness — most people are making their usual resolutions for the new year ahead.

Are you one of them?

Mine is to get fit yet again after surgery.

Remember my “I’m back” post?

The surgery was a breast reduction surgery.

It has nearly been two months since the surgery, but the recovery process is still in effect!

Even though recovery is in full effect, I wish I had done the surgery sooner (more on that in a later post)!

Now, back to the resolutions of the new year: if there are any.

I have been in the fitness & wellness industry on and off for a long while.

And I know the stereotypical resolution for some will/could be losing weight, eating healthier, etc.

I am 36 now. Throughout those years, weight loss and eating healthier has been an accordion experience.

Recent accordion experience, working on healthier food habits to maintain and pardon the bun on the left!

In my younger years, health and wellness involved the aesthetic (ex: eating the 4 oz of sweet potato with the 6 oz of chicken for tighter abs).
However, of course, things change.
Health from the inside is the key.
I still want to want to look and achieve a certain aesthetic.
I know now from experience that the 4 oz of sweet potato and the 6 oz of chicken involves more portion control and the nutrients derived from those foods, rather than the thought process of getting tighter abs.
But hey, when you make sure you are getting the nutrients your body needs within a consistent and structured pattern, the aesthetics usually takes care of itself without even thinking about it.
For some and myself include, thinking about weight loss, and struggling with it can cause stress. The more you keep thinking about something, the more there is to stress about, and the more you are stressed, the more your health can suffer
because stress doesn’t care how aesthetically fit or unfit you are.
Stress can make you sick!
So, why stress about focusing on losing weight for looks when you can learn which foods will benefit your mind, body, and spirit to be healthy, well, and be at your best?
For 2021 will you make the step to learn more about your food so that it benefits you in ways to be not only healthy for you but enjoyable?
I hope so because that is what I am striving for- learning more about how to eat healthily and in a way to achieve overall wellness while discovering new ways of preparing and cooking the food in a way that tastes delicious!

Whatever you are striving for in the new year, I want to wish you a Happy New Year – and I hope you seek to accomplish all your goals positively.


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