My Review oF Thrive Market Box!


Last week I tried something I have always wanted to try…

Thrive Market Box!

Since I live out in the suburbs of the Charleston area (where some stores I use to frequent in Charlotte are not here) and due to the social distancing still in effect, I found that ordering from Thrive Market was convenient and easy as can be!

Now I had to get a membership to access the savings, which is cool. They have month to month, three month, and yearly memberships.

Thrive Market does have beef, chicken, and seafood, which is their meat and seafood program. You must get a bundle instead of ordering separately with dry goods. Since Thanksgiving and Christmas are near, I’m going to give the meat and seafood program a try to help again with the social distancing in progress and to outsource my grocery shopping!

There are so many pros to joining Thrive Market – but there is only one con: deciding on what to buy! 

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