The Heather E’s (Healthier) Holiday Hot Cocoa


Christmas is finally here!
And what is better than opening presents on Christmas Day?

The food & drinks. 🙂

One drink that I enjoy on Christmas Day is hot cocoa.

There are plenty of instant hot cocoa mixes that are delicious that I can recommend, but I prefer making homemade hot cocoa during the holidays.
If you want to make homemade hot cocoa, then here is a recipe from my kitchen to yours!

You will need:

8 oz of steamed coconut milk (if you prefer whole milk, almond milk, etc., it’s up to you!)

1/4 teaspoon of Irish butter

1/2 teaspoon of cocoa baking powder (I used Ghirardelli)

and 1 single serving packet of Sugar in the Raw

then stir…!

*Now — the ingredients/instructions listed are for one serving of hot cocoa. To make more, multiply the amounts of ingredients in this recipe!*

I hope you enjoy your Christmas holiday (and the hot cocoa)!


-Heather E. 🙂

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