TheHeatherE’s Post Quarantine Workout 2: Deadlifts


Last week I wrote about my first post quarantine workout. This week I have my second post quarantine workout: an exercise called the deadlift.

Deadlifts are a type of exercise referred to as strength training.

I had so much fun lifting again.:)

Deadlifts are not only fun for me, but helps me build a healthier back and works hamstrings, calves, glutes, and even shoulders!

Deadlifts w/ 40 lbs.

The motion of the deadlift is self-explanatory.;).

But, you have to be careful to pick a weight that is comfortable for you to lift.

Lifting a weight that is too heavy and that you have no control over will only put you at risk for an injury and pain.

Since I am getting back into lifting, I only performed three sets of 10 repetitions with 40 pounds of weight.

Although it wasn’t too heavy, it did help loosen up stiff hamstrings and back muscles while building muscle!

Have you ever tried deadlifts?

If not, I’ll just let you know that there are a couple of reasons why you should try deadlifts. One reason is to build more muscle, and another is that deadlifts improve bone density; because as we mature, muscle tissue and bone loss are more prevalent.


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