TheHeatherE’s Post Quarantine Workout Exercise #1: Bicep Curls


I’ve been an avid exerciser, professionally and personally, for over 17 years (yep, I’m that old).

Working out decreases my anxiety helps me to maintain good health and, boosts my endorphins!

When the gyms weren’t open, I lost out on a lot of exercising that I would normally do and, I could tell in all aspects of my health.

Even though exercise doesn’t require a gym to reap all the benefits of overall wellness, I enjoy going to the gym!

I have free weights at home to perform bicep curls, but I do not have a bicep curl machine (yet) at home, so it was great to get back into the gym to hit up the bicep curl machine!

Here is my post quarantine workout, exercise #1: Bicep Curls.

Isolation of bicep curls can improve the body’s endurance and metabolism. Although the biceps are isolated, the body also gets a nice abdominal, back, and shoulder workout!

Since most gyms are now open again, which exercise are you happy to perform?

Getting my bicep curls in!


Being post-quarantine it is best to take precautions — use your face masks when in a close proximity to others, keep your hands washed/sanitized and be (AT LEAST) six feet from the other person.

Most sane people like having their own space to work out. 😉

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