“You Can’t Go Hard Everyday!”Quarantine Exercise #3: Restorative Yoga


I am 10 weeks post-op from my reduction mammoplasty. Six weeks was the minimum wait time I could work out — but I was hard-headed.

Working out hard before I should.

I worked out before I got the go-ahead and — set myself back some.

I now realize after having major surgery that listening to my doctor is extremely important. 

Now, I am performing restoration exercises that are useful for not only the body but also the mind! 

For now, I’m cautious of raising my hands over my head with anything more than ten extra pounds during my healing, so these are a few yoga asanas I use to restore and recover.

Tadasana: Mountain pose involves standing with your back straight with arms down the length of the body with palms up: inhaling deeply, focusing on your breath is a way to restore your senses.

Paschimottanasana: This pose is a forward bend. It’s beneficial for relieving a tense lower back, hamstrings, and calf muscles.

I’m performing each pose from upper left right to left and to the bottom.

Shavasana: This asana is my favorite because you just lay there. It’s also known as corpse pose. It involves relaxing all of your muscles and just concentrating on your breath.

Practice these three poses for 15 mins per day and possibly reap the benefits!

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